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Experienced specialist consultant, for many years working in the field of study abroad, we are always willing to provide instruction on all information in the study abroad field and related issues that overseas student want. Parents and student will book an appointment with our consultant for advisory at our office or direct counseling via telephone

Supporting services student include:

1/ Choosing career consultant:

Analyzing the reality situation of each student and comparising with labour market, we will offer the most appropriate occupation options for student.

2/ Choosing the right religion, courses, and school

Through Q&A, we will supply the detail instructions to support student for choosing the right courses, school, religion and suitable with the ability to learn, finance, environment and career in the future.

In addiion,we will provide CDs, catalogs of universities and colleges that we represent to student have the occasion learn about the suitable universities with your interest.

3/ Scholarship support

We offer all scholarship programs of universities, colleges and guidance for student apply the scholarship.

4/ Applying CV instructions

We guide and submit applications to students,and interest to the elements necessary for student application to be approved as quickly as possible in schools and consulate country

5/ Supplying informaion IELTS/TOEFL V.v

We will provide all the detail information essential in manner, docments and IELTS/ TOEFL examinations V.v and instruction support student apply these exams

6/ Choosing accomodation consultant

Our counselor will instruct find out accomodation for student to response best and the most suitable for accomodation demand with student finance ability.

7/ Visa support

We assist student during the process in fill the form, prepare the financial declaration documents, study, interview guidance. We always update the necessary information from the countries consulate to help the students prepare CV, interview, and assist student reach high vi rate visa.

8/ Bank loans support

Through our company relationships with the bank, we will guide and assist students, parents have needs loan money to study abroad at the banks

9/ Preparing for student before study abroad

After the students have visa and prepare to study abroad, we will arrange a meeting with student to assist student understand housing condition, activities and culture in the country that student will study, to assist student avoid to be surprised when arriving in the foreign country

10/ Airport transfer service

As soon as the student come to the airport, students will be taken up and picked up to the school for accomodation arrange according to initially agreement before admission to the school.

11/ Keeping in touch with student, family and school

We often contact with student, family and school to assist student deal with  dificulties during study process, also keep in contact between student and family.