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Everything You Need to Know About Visa and SIEC Visa Services

With life evolving rapidly, traveling, working, and settling abroad have become essential needs. To better understand visas and related services, let’s delve into the details!

1. What is Visa?

What is Visa?

Visa, also known as an entry permit, is a certificate issued by an immigration authority of a country. It confirms that you or someone else is allowed to enter that country for a specified period.

2. What Types of Visas Are There?

Immigrant Visa

This visa is used for entry and settlement in a country. Types of immigrant visas include parental sponsorship, spousal visas, and various others.

Non-Immigrant Visa

This visa is used for entry into a country for a specific period. Types of non-immigrant visas include:

  • Tourism
  • Work and employment
  • Business
  • Medical treatment
  • Seasonal work
  • Study
  • Exchange programs
  • Diplomatic and political purposes

3. Who Needs a Visa?

Except for countries with visa exemptions, all Vietnamese citizens traveling to another country require a visa. This is determined by the consulate or embassy of that country.

4. SIEC Visa Services

SIEC provides visa services for many countries, including the United States, Australia, France, Germany, Canada, China, Hong Kong, and countries within the Schengen area such as Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

We are committed to providing you with visa-related services with simple procedures, saving you time, effort, and money.

5. Visa Application Procedure

For Vietnamese citizens applying for visas to travel abroad, the visa application process varies depending on the regulations of the destination country. You can contact the embassy or consulate or visa service companies for specific advice.

Please note that providing accurate information is crucial. It’s essential to prepare thoroughly before the visa interview to avoid rejection or being banned from entering that country.

By understanding visa information and SIEC services, you’ll have a smoother and easier experience traveling, working, or settling abroad. Contact us today for more details and free consultation!