Secrets to Easily and Successfully Applying for a Canada Tourist Visa

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Bí mật xin visa du lịch Canada thành công
Bí mật xin visa du lịch Canada thành công

Introduction: Dreaming of an unforgettable trip to the stunning landscapes of Canada? Don’t let worries about visa procedures hold you back! At SIEC, we understand the challenges you may face when preparing your documents and completing the necessary procedures. Here are some secrets and tips to help you apply for a Canada tourist visa easily and successfully.

 Prepare Your Documents Carefully and Accurately

The most crucial step to successfully applying for a Canada tourist visa is to carefully prepare your documents. Ensure that all information in your application is accurate and error-free. This includes filling out visa application forms completely, providing information about your travel itinerary, and demonstrating your ability to finance your trip.

When preparing your documents, you will need:

  • Visa Application Form: Fill out visa application forms accurately and completely.
  • Original and Photocopies of Passport: Ensure your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the intended date of departure from Canada and has sufficient blank pages for the visa stamp.
  • Passport-sized Photos: Prepare recent photos according to Canada’s consulate requirements.
  • Financial Documents: Include savings accounts, pay stubs, property ownership documents, and any evidence of your ability to finance your trip.
  • Other Documents: These may include employment certificates, student IDs (if applicable), marriage certificates (if applicable), and any documents demonstrating the purpose and itinerary of your trip.

 Clearly State the Purpose of Your Trip

An important factor that the Canadian consulate considers when reviewing visa applications is the purpose of your trip. Make your itinerary and plans clear and specific, while demonstrating that you have a concrete plan and sufficient financial means to carry out your trip.

 Demonstrate the Ability to Leave Canada after Your Trip

Another factor the consulate considers is your ability to leave Canada after completing your trip. Provide reliable evidence to demonstrate that you have a clear plan and the means to return to your home country after completing your tourist visit.

Use Professional Visa Consultancy Services

One of the most successful secrets to applying for a Canada tourist visa is to use professional visa consultancy services like SIEC. We have a team of highly experienced experts ready to assist you through every step of the visa application process to ensure you achieve the best results.

Cost of Canada Tourist Visa

Visa Fee: 100 CAD, equivalent to approximately 74 US dollars. Biometric Fee: 85 CAD, equivalent to approximately 65 US dollars. The total cost per person is 185 CAD. Note that, except for special cases, all fees paid to the Government of Canada are non-refundable.


Applying for a Canada tourist visa may be a complex process, but with careful preparation and the support of SIEC, you can complete this process easily and successfully. Contact us today for the best advice and support for your trip!