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SIEC’s air ticket office specialize provide international ticket services to the airlines traditional as Eva Airway ( USA, Canada, Taiwan ).

Cathay Pacific, Korean Air, China Airlines, American Airlines, Japan Air, Air China, Delta Airlines, Qatar Airways, Vietnam Airlines, Emmirates, Singapore Airlines…

Special decrease fares poicy for different clients like: immigration, visit relatives, tourism, businessmen, overseas students and export workers.

Depending on the low or hight peak, you will receive further discounts on each airline.

In addition, we also have super savings curriculum for customers in Southeast Asia such as Dragon Air( Hongkong), Tiger Airways, Air Visa, Vietjet Air, Vietnam Airlines, Scoot Air, Vanilla Air, Jet Airways (for customers go to the India), Thai Airways…

Things to know to book the international air ticket

Currently, air plane seem as a quite close and essential transportation for the Vietnamese citizens, especially for overseas trip, the only way you must choose airlines, to leave the country is not something  too difficult but it quite complex and request you must to comply with regulations.

As a first time flight to leave the country, you must learn about the essential things when booking a international air ticket to not be surprised when problems occur and carry out regulations to assist your smooth trip. We would like to offer support informations, hopefully help you during  the journey from here and later.

Firstly, documents must prepare for international airlines

All passengers on the international flights must present their passport ( valid according to the speccific time limit ) at the time check in at the airport, this is a important pay attention to things to know for going to the international airlines, your liability must provide all essential documents including visa

Some countries may request an additional return flight ticket or connecting ticket; all children and babies traveling with an adult need their own passport or must be registed in the passport of their father, mother or guardian.

Secondly: Booking the ticket as far away as possible will get well prices.

In general, domestic or international airlines also apply this rule to price norm for each flights, booking the ticket as far away as will help you have more option time and have the chance to buy a savings price.

Other aspect you also  note that you should choose airline that specialized for the airport you pretend to arrive, likewise you will saving time for the shortest flight route and transit restrict in another country.

Thirdly: Reasonably time present at the airport before the flight time

With the international flight departure from Viet Nam territorial, the check-in counter will open 03 hours in comparision with  time pretend to take off, limit time for processing may various depending on specific airport and flight ( will be offer for you when purchasing the ticket)

In case the traffic jam reason and provide time for processing flight, baggage security screening time, towards to the passengers go to the international flights, the airlines recommend you should attend at the airport before the flight departure at least 120 minutes.

Fourthly: Immigration procedures and obligatory information

Usually, in front of each door to the exit procedures have two card read machines on board to determine passengers must custom and deposit baggage security:

_Card reader machines not to check : You enter to leave the country procedures

_Card reader machines must verify: You are offered by the airline security staff instruct you go to the Recheck to check; after checking the guest, they return to carry out exit procedures.

Fifthly: Baggage regulations information

In the catalogue on what to know when international airplanes traveling, luggage information also plays an important role. Generally, airlines use standard hand baggage according to international practice. However, there are also other carriers that apply certain conditions on luggage .

If your route has connecting flights with other carriers, please find out details about that carrier’s luggage regulations and commit to comply with the regulations. And remember to bring the signed number of each airline, excess baggage will be charged a penalty.