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With the more growing life, tourism has become a necessary demand for everyone, nowadays foreign travel is no too difficult, every procedure becomes easier, the cost is more cheaper . The demand for making Visa and Passport also increased.

1/What is a Visa?

Visa (entry visa) is a certificate of an immigration authority of a country to verify that you (or someone else) has been granted permission to enter the country for a specified period of time depending on the situation like entry one times or many times.

Which types of visas are available?

Immigrant Visa: Using to enter and settle in a country in the same way as parents who act as guarantee for their children and their spouses …

Non-immigrant visa: Using the entry of a country in a permitted period, temporarily including the following types:

  • Traveling
  • Going on business
  • Enterprising
  • Treatment
  • Seasonal work
  • Studying
  • Exchanging programs
  • Political diplomacy

Who will need a Visa?

Excepting Southeast Asian countries and some special countries that have an exemption policy for entry visas, all Vietnamese citizens in general when coming to any country oblige have to be required the consulate of that country grants an entry visa.

Travel, immigrant Visa

Consulting, guiding, completing visa application procedures for traveling, studying, visiting relatives, settling and working: USA, Australia, France, Germany, Canada, China, Hong Kong, … and other countries in the Schengen area.

Understanding the current issue of trade, tourism, immigration, and foreign visas is a lot of difficulties (Time, effort, finance …) with knowledge updated daily from Immigration Department. , Consulate of countries by long-term relationship and experience in Visa application, we are confident to bring you Visa-related services with simple and time-saving procedures effort, money, … for customers.

In addition, we also have a program to support income and finance proof, : open savings book, confirm bank balance to supplement to document the country;  translation services and translaion in many languages: English, French, German … with legal judicial.

Visa application procedures

For Vietnamese would like to apply visa go to abroad: Visa application procedures according to the country stipulate that you want to come, you may contact with that national embassy or service company for specific procedure consultant.

Whether you qualify for a visa or not is determined at the time of your visa interview.This is the most important element so make sure everything is complete before entering the interview.

Absolutely provide precise information, veritable, otherwise you will be canceled the records or heavier permanent ban to that country.