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SIEC is travel insurance agency, study abroad of Vietnam’s leading insurance company.CHUBB & AIG USA  insurance corporation. We desire become reliabe companion of each customers.

To serve business and individuals in community. Our job assist customer feels secure when going abroad domestic and foreign. With promptly, convenient and thoughtful insurance request procedures.

*Secured, welfare customers is our motto

* Please contact us to be consult and service. Coordinate and intervene to assist customers complete the compensation procedures promtly, accurately and reasonably.

AIG International Travel Guard including to the right insurance as:

Overseas medical support such as: Medical and dental expenses due to accidents in foreign countries must be treated inpatient or outpatient, subsidized when hospitalized abroad, emergency medical transportation, taken the body is returned to Vietnam or the country of origin, visits the hospital or funeral arrangements, child care, global support services

Personal accident support: Death and injury due to accidents; support children’s education costs

Travel support: Cancel trip, postpone the trip, shorten the trip including the case of hijacked aircraft, support of accompanying people, personal luggage including laptop, baggage is delayed , travel documents – losing personal money, delayed trips interrupted, personal liabilities, compensation for every hour taken hostageor funerals.

In addition, there are also other special benefits such as: reimbursement of insurance deduction for rental vehicles, offer for golfers, support residential losses as fires, fees contract renew automatic within 72 hours if an accident is out of control,  insurance in case of terrorism.

AIG International travel insurance with over 65 ages is more limited than the under 65 age. Specifically, medical and dentistry expenses due to overseas accident  must inpatient and outpatient treatment for over 65 age with a limit of ½ of those under age 65.Death and illness benefits due to accident also have different compensation limit between the three subject with age over and under 65 and children enclose the family insurance contract.

AIG international travel insurance fees is divided by Southest Asia, Asia religion and global with the element to advance programmes. Families have two aldults or more and children traveling expense but not more than twice the personal costs.


What is special about CHUBB global travel insurance?

Hundreds of years accumulation experienced and technique compinating from CHUBB and ACE corporation with profound knowledge local market and Viet Nam is proud to bring you the perfect protection in case of emergency or inconvenience that may occur when in abroad by Global Travel with wide insurance range,diverse insurance benefits and high competition.

CHUBB give Travel Insurance products approved in the religions Schengen( comprise of 26 Europe religion) for those who are requested to register for this type of visa.

Insurance benefits

In the past, CHUBB global tourism insurance offer to the customers with more attractive benefits and expense.

Overseas medical support

Overseas occurred medical costs due to injury and illness, including following treatment expense in Viet Nam.

Hospitalization allowance in abroad.

Medical emergency to the treatment site move or return to Viet Nam.

Return to Viet Nam

Repatriating to the country to pray instead of going back to Vietnam.

Visiting patients.

Necessary expenses pay to send a person to carry out the initial trip of the insured.

Bring children home.

Personal accident support.

Personal accident.

Education expense support for insured if they dead.

Expense pay related to protect the business image.

Travel support

Canceling the trip.

Postpone or miss flight.

Mislay or delay baggage.

Personal money or passport mislay.

Credit card protection.

Personal liability and legal expense.

High insurance limit level are essential due to medical treatment at the overseas medical facilities often costly.

Other special benefit

Insurance contract renew automically.

Insurance in terrorism circumstances

Global medical support service.