15 Fun Facts About Toronto, Canada: Things You Didn’t Know

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1. Toronto’s Magnitude

The Largest City in Canada and Beyond

Toronto proudly wears the crown as Canada’s largest city and the 4th largest in all of North America. Boasting a population nearing 3 million within the city proper and a staggering 6.5 million in the Greater Toronto Area, it stands as a bustling hub of activity and diversity.

2. Toronto’s Greenery

A Concrete Jungle with a Leafy Heart

Contrary to popular belief, Toronto is not just a concrete sprawl. With over 10 million trees adorning its landscape and a forest coverage exceeding 25%, the city embraces nature amidst its urban setting. Approximately 18% of its area is dedicated to lush parks, offering respite from the city bustle.

3. Toronto’s Castle

North America’s Singular Castle

Nestled in midtown Toronto, Casa Loma stands as the continent’s sole authentic castle, exuding an aura of Gothic splendor. Whether it’s exploring its grand halls or attending one of its captivating events, Casa Loma promises an enchanting experience for all.

4. Toronto’s Towering Icon

The CN Tower’s Skyward Majesty

The CN Tower, Toronto’s most iconic landmark, reigns as the largest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere. While it relinquished its title as the world’s tallest to the Burj Khalifa, its towering presence remains an emblem of the city’s skyline.

5. Toronto’s Sporting Spirit

A Haven for Sports Enthusiasts

Toronto boasts a team in every major sports league, from hockey and basketball to baseball and soccer. With storied franchises like the Leafs and the Raptors, the city pulses with the energy of fervent sports fandom.

6. Toronto’s Aviation Hub

Pearson Airport: Canada’s Aviation Gateway

Toronto Pearson International Airport stands as Canada’s busiest airport, facilitating millions of passengers and flights annually. With connections to over 200 cities worldwide, it serves as a vital link in the global air transport network.

7. Toronto’s Zoological Wonder

The Toronto Zoo: A Wildlife Haven

Home to over 5000 animals representing 500 species, the Toronto Zoo sprawls across 710 acres, making it Canada’s largest and one of the world’s foremost zoological institutions.

8. Toronto’s Lengthy Thoroughfare

The Endless Stretch of Yonge Street

Yonge Street, with its nearly 2000km expanse, holds the distinction of being one of the longest streets globally, weaving through the heart of Toronto’s urban landscape.

9. Toronto’s Cultural Mosaic

A Melting Pot of Ethnic Diversity

Toronto stands as a beacon of multiculturalism, with residents hailing from over 200 distinct ethnic origins. Embracing diversity as its strength, the city fosters a vibrant tapestry of cultures and traditions.

10. Toronto’s Indigenous Heritage

Spadina Avenue’s Indigenous Roots

Named after the Ojibwe word “ishpadinaa,” meaning “high place or ridge,” Spadina Avenue pays homage to Toronto’s Indigenous heritage, reflecting the city’s rich history and cultural heritage.

11. Toronto’s Revolutionary Stadium

The SkyDome’s Architectural Marvel

Renowned for its retractable motorized roof, the SkyDome, now the Rogers Centre, once heralded a new era in stadium design, offering unparalleled versatility and innovation.

12. Toronto’s Subterranean Wonderland

The PATH: A Below-Ground Retail Haven

The PATH, the world’s largest underground shopping complex, spans over 30 kilometers, providing a bustling subterranean thoroughfare for residents and visitors alike.

13. Toronto’s Cinematic Showcase

TIFF: A Global Film Phenomenon

The Toronto International Film Festival, a cornerstone of the city’s cultural calendar, attracts cinephiles and celebrities alike, showcasing the finest in cinematic artistry.

14. Toronto’s Literary Legacy

TPL: A Literary Oasis

The Toronto Public Library stands as the world’s largest neighborhood-based library system, offering a vast collection of literary treasures and resources to its avid readers.

15. Toronto’s Island Oasis

The Toronto Islands: A Car-Free Haven

The Toronto Islands, North America’s largest urban car-free community, offer a serene escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, with its verdant landscapes and tranquil vistas.



From its towering landmarks to its cultural diversity, Toronto captivates with its myriad charms and hidden gems. Explore the city’s vibrant tapestry of experiences and uncover the countless wonders it has to offer. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, Toronto never ceases to amaze with its boundless allure and endless possibilities.